a young dog lives

for the moment – life is now

lets play chase again

Charlie was about 12 months old at this time. She loved nothing better than running laps of the house at top speed. At one spot on the lap this involved squeezing through a gap between a tree and wall that was centimetres wider than her without slowing. Seven years later and she still runs these laps when excited or needing exercise. Afghan Hounds at top speed are an amazing sight. They can pivot , do 90% turns and corner without slowing. And the fur goes in all directions.



adapting smartly

a balancing act for free

but where is the food?

A visit to the Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne is always highlighted with a meal at one of the cafes. Down by the lake water birds have become very used to people especially those who defy the signs and feed them. At our last visit for lunch we were pressed by this flightless swamp hen to finish our meal and be gone so it could feed itself. Imagine the concern on this poor birds face when it found an empty plate.