Going home

Portland  jul2006 001



a moment of silence

amongst commuter madness

winter is coming

This image is taken at about 5.10 pm in the middle of the commuter rush hour on Richmond station in Melbourne. This is the third busiest station in Melbourne with thousands of commuters swapping trains in their desire to get home from work in the afternoon peak rush time. As I waited for my next train on a near empty platform having just missed oneĀ I suddenly noticed that across other platforms there were almost no people and no trains. Luckily my little digital camera was nearby to catch this shot. Notice the setting sun in the background and this was 5.10 pm, winter was happening in Melbourne.

near miss


enjoying freedom

wallaby watching nearby

a close encounter

Charlie loves to get up to Bendigo where we escape from Melbourne’s pace . This track is in the protected area that was once a thriving Goldfield in the 1860’s. Within 200 metres of this track is evidence of shafts, water channels and mullock heaps. We often come across prospectors with detectors hoping for a find. On this particular day last Spring Charlie was off lead taking her time to connect with nature, usually checking out scents. Little did she know that a short distance away was a Black Wallaby in the shadows peering intently at her. The wallaby took off just as I grabbed Charlie’s collar thankfully not dropping the camera. Luck all round that day. We are not anxious to find out what Charlie’s hunting skills are however Afghan Hounds have a genetic imprint to chase down running animals and ……………………………….