Going home

Portland  jul2006 001



a moment of silence

amongst commuter madness

winter is coming

This image is taken at about 5.10 pm in the middle of the commuter rush hour on Richmond station in Melbourne. This is the third busiest station in Melbourne with thousands of commuters swapping trains in their desire to get home from work in the afternoon peak rush time. As I waited for my next train on a near empty platform having just missed one I suddenly noticed that across other platforms there were almost no people and no trains. Luckily my little digital camera was nearby to catch this shot. Notice the setting sun in the background and this was 5.10 pm, winter was happening in Melbourne.

6 thoughts on “Going home

    1. Thanks Cathy. It was like that, I was always only a few minutes walk, bike ride or drive from my work for 32 years. Then I had to commute 1 hour each way for the next 8 years. Now I get out of bed and walk into my office!!! I told Sandra I would always aim at getting an image in if one of my haiku blogs could match the weekly word, and this one does.

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    1. It was one of those moments where a picture was waiting and I had a little digital in my bag. This was 10 years ago when I had resigned from teaching after 32 years and was commuting into the CBD as an office worker.

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        1. Teachers don’t get medals here Sandra, just certificates signifying milestones , certainly no $ bonus’s. There are still teachers at the school 10 years later who were there before me. They are over 40 years as teachers. That says the students are mostly interesting to work with and most of the teachers also. Some of my images are old, going back to SLR in the 1980’s but I only started blogging in late 2014.

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