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Nothing like a bit of bureaucratic overkill to prepare visitors arriving at this popular beach in South Western Victoria, Australia. Located near the western end of the Great Ocean Road  this beach sign would create potential apprehension for many international tourists alighting from their cars to stretch their legs on the beach. If you feel inclined let me know what you think visitors are allowed to do or would feel safe doing??? What would you choose here?


7 thoughts on “Outline for fun

    1. The Hooded Plovers are tiny little seashore birds that lay their eggs in the sand. Because of this habit, humans doing every imaginable activity, dogs, foxes etc have decimated these birds. They are now endangered. So Sandra, of all the signs this one is to be careful, look out and respect.


    1. The snakes possibly do eat the eggs, they eat other bird eggs, in fact thats good point , one the plover observers have not much evidence about but its highly likely. The snakes often get out of the way before human’s see them. However I have been chased 3 times by tiger snakes, they are particularly aggressive in the mating season.


  1. Now that is one daunting sign. I’d say unless you’re a plover, you’re not allowed. And thanks to Denis1950 I know that the plovers are protected! The sign gives no indication. Good grief. It does infer that there are patrols (penalties are issued) for most any activity other than swimming…in what appear to be some pretty treacherous waters. I would choose to walk on through to another beach. 😉


    1. This is a local government sign, then we have state and federal government. Australia is a heavily governed country, Democratic yes , many laws and rules yes, many of them pedantic and unnecessary yes , so there is so give and take by the people.


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