Liquid gold


setting sun meets water

sharing nature’s recipe

free liquid gold

The setting sun over Port Phillip Bay in Melbourne is an unknown treasure each evening. Rarely does one event repeat another and often a variety of visual experiences occur within one sunset. The mixture of sinking sun, cloud, wind and water leave the watcher with a mix of feelings and emotions. A natural viewing experience that can never be bought or sold.

A magpie moment


young magpie calling

feed me now – feed me often

 species maintained


Springtime in Melbourne and the first round of surviving fledglings are reaching their first hurdle . This young Australian Magpie  is being taught by its parents to begin looking for food  rather than scream out “feed me” loudly and continuously. The parents practice much patience as they show the young one how to listen then dig for grubs on the ground. During this time we leave out a minimum amount of special native bird paste for this species. After 3 weeks of feeding the fledgling this paste the parents now pretend to eat it until the young one actually picks up and eats pieces of the paste independently. The moment this happens the parents fly off leaving the baby eating by itself.