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Kara was four months old in this photo. Don’t be fooled by the “cuteness” of the image she portrays. We had never experienced the joys!!! of sharing a house with a very energetic Afghan Hound. Her days were spent persuading Nutmeg the cat to play all types of frenetic games or observing him closely to learn new ideas like opening doors. Plenty of long walks or playing chase around the house or doing things to squeaky or fluffy toys and balls and old shoes or new shoes or anything within reach did not burn  all the energy. For some weeks her favourite evening cooling down activity was to quietly pretend she was in bed and wait for the lights to go out. Then she would enjoy laps of the house involving jumping onto the bed , racing across it, out the door around the lounge then back into the bedroom across the bed etc etc. This human couch was her favourite resting place until we bought her a futon that was passed onto Charlie as the next generation.


enjoy the day



Ironbark woodland

before the heat arrives

last cool breezes

Charlie loves roaming in the Ironbark bush at Bendigo. There are always lots of new scents and sightings to keep her imagination working. The area in this photo was once part of the most extensive deep lead gold mining works in Australia during the mid-nineteenth century. This bushland was totally obliterated during the gold mining times and what we see today is a regeneration of sorts, the original can never return. There are some beautiful native orchids that flower briefly across a period from mid winter to early spring.