go away

IMGP0348 - Version 2


trees with shadows

that blink occasionally

seeking solitude

This is a female Tawny frogmouth, an Australian owlet and her 3 fledglings. (can you spot them) This is her nest!!!! and built in an exotic oak tree. The male will be watching nearby but impossible to see. These are active night birds so during the day they sit and sleep unless disturbed by ignorant humans such as myself taking this photo. Below are 2 more images of another female with 2 fledglings in an indigenous tree across the other side of Melbourne in a very forested area. Notice how these birds can blend themselves into a branch to hide themselves. An amazing fact about these birds is how they can sit without moving for hours. As a former teacher I would have loved a little bit of their secret stillness for restless boys.


IMGP1152 - Version 2