free to roam



young dog hunting

the joy of freedom

is enough



When Charlie was 10 months old she travelled to our escape house in Bendigo for the first time. Here she had an acre of land, (safely fenced) to wander, run and hunt. The hunting was imaginary however a few skinks and birds had close escapes . An Afghan Hound running free in an open space is a sight to behold until you have to try and catch them.

three sailors

IMGP0288 - Version 2


changing weather

three hungry swans searching

what a challenge

Since a marine park has been established at Ricketts Point on Port Phillip Bay the ecosystems have flourished. One indicator is the increasing birdlife, especially the ongoing presence of Black Swans. Usually there are anywhere between 10 and 50 scattered across the 3 bays/inlets that make up the point area. The swans may be breeding elsewhere but they certainly feed at Ricketts Point.