time out

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warming drying sun

a seabird  break from feeding

fish also relax

A little Pied Cormorant, a couple of Silver Gulls and a flock of Crested Terns share an ideal roosting spot in the early morning sun. From this height they can watch what other birds on the water are up to and save some energy. Any sign of fishing activity, depending on the species, and they would be off to join in.


Don’t go yet



gentle sea breeze

calming flying instincts

resting busy wings

These Crested Terns spend many weeks hanging out with flocks of Silver Gulls, foraging and taking life as it comes around Ricketts Point during late Spring and Early Summer. As the average temperature rises the numbers dwindle. They are a common bird around Australia’s coastline so they move away from this part of Port Phillip Bay as it becomes warmer. The bird with its beak open clearly disliked the sudden movement of its companion however it and the others quickly settled down again.