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a day to reflect

that war to end all wars

and all those afterwards

In Australia April 25th is a public holiday. It is the day Australia publicly reflects on all those Australians who have died in and survived military conflicts since the 1914-18 war. This day is known as Anzac Day and in particular commemorates the landing by Australian and New Zealand military forces on the shores of Gallipoli in Turkey at dawn on April 25th 1915. The one hundredth anniversary of Anzac day was last Saturday and special events and collaborative activities had been planned for some time. Each year dawn services are held at war memorials across Australia. We attended a dawn service along with some thousands of others from elderly 90 year veterans to babies in prams at this memorial near Brighton beach in suburban Melbourne.


One special memorial project captured the spirit of Anzac Day. In Australia red poppies are reminders of Armistice Day 11/11/1918, however these tens of thousands of hand made material poppies became a significant element of Melbourne’s Anzac Day remembrance. They were draped across the steps of Federation Square in central Melbourne on April 24th, then displayed on Princes Bridge during April 25th and were later returned to the Federation Square steps, garden beds and in the Atrium.


Either enlarge the image below or use a magnifying glass to read the story behind the poppy project.

Version 2



6 thoughts on “ANZAC DAY

  1. Thanks for sharing! What an awesome movement to show respect and appreciation for those that have fought for us. You have captured it well with this post!


    1. Thanks for your thoughts.It was certainly something to see, especially since over 50,000 people have contributed. This project has not finished, apparently more hand made poppies keep rolling in


  2. A fitting tribute to those we lost. Perhaps one day we will be able to create a world fit for them. The fabric poppies are a lovely memorial.


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