memories of summer



shadows cross the beach

footprints remember summer

bathing boxes closed


Looking down at Mills Beach near Mornington it is obvious many people enjoy their afternoon stroll walking around to the bluff then back. This beach is a safe protected swimming beach  and a number of lucky families enjoy rights to a bathing box. This term was applied to many hundreds of such small buildings that were located on beaches around Port Phillip Bay since the early 1900’s. Families would spend the day swimming, relaxing  and picnicking using their private box for privacy. During the 1920’s many Sandringham houses were allocated a right on their property title to a bathing box at the local beach . If the house was sold  lucky buyers sometimes found a bathing box was included. Fierce storms in the 1930’s and 1950’s destroyed most Bathing boxes around the bay including all the Sandringham ones. Currently the City of Bayside occasionally builds and sells extra bathing boxes at the iconic Brighton beach location. At auction Brighton boxes have reached around $250,000 on sale.