golden farewell



last burst of sunlight

warmth of the day says goodbye

golden memories

A beautiful rural sunset at Yambuk near Port Fairy in Victoria’s Western District.  This area is amongst  the oldest European farming land in Victoria near Portland where the Hentys and Dutton from Tasmania began permanent farming in the early 1830’s. Before the farming after 1830, sealing and whaling was a dominant practice from bases of European settlement in Sydney and Van Diemans Land, (Tasmania) along this rugged coast from the late 1790’s. Ironically just down the road from Yambuk is Lake Condah where the Indigenous Gunditjmara people had practiced the aquaculture farming of eels in permanent stone traps for thousands of years. They also lived in a permanent community of stone building. European behaviour, settlement and farming quickly displaced the Gunditjmara people. However their descendants have maintained the culture and the foundations of the aquaculture farming remain for potential development.

so peaceful

IMGP0931 - Version 2


magpies entertain

young lovers are relaxing

garden for all occasions

The Royal Botanic Gardens in Melbourne provide a wide range of photographic experiences.  Writers and poets discover there are always opportunities for creative challenge. However most people visit to appreciate the wonderful examples of botany from Australia and the world or simply relax. Every day is different in these gardens as nature, climate and humanity mix and merge with a variety of smells, sounds and sights.

goodbye autumn



cold soundless morning

sudden fluttering of air

another leaf falls

Winter has arrived in Melbourne and to counter rising energy bills the very last of the autumn leaves are falling . This beautiful little one has come down from a semi-deciduous Liquid Amber. After weeks of cleaning spouts and raking the ground from the fallout of a giant fully deciduous cousin these leaves can be picked up by hand as they individually set off on their journey . In the image below here they were waiting on for the right time to depart.



cold garden

coldest time of year

colour hides in my garden

waiting to be seen

IMGP0724IMGP0727IMGP0735IMGP0728IMGP0734Winter has arrived in Melbourne, however the bitterly cold wind dropped over night and the sun was out this morning. I have just resurrected my 25 year old Pentax 35-105 and macro Takamur lens having discovered it fits my Pentax DSLR’s. A wander around the garden with this lens on macro and what little wonders we discovered. Unfortunately no insects or birds were out enjoying the warmth.