on the trail


snowing in the hills

raining on the Heyson Trail

still time for a walk


Version 2


Mid July in the Adelaide Hills and Charlie is taking a stroll along a section of the  Heyson trail. This 1200 kilometre walking track is an interactive memory of the famous South Australian artist Sir Hans Heyson. It runs from Cape Jervis on the   southern tip of Fleurieu Peninsula south east of Adelaide to the Northern Flinders Ranges. http://heysentrail.asn.au/heysen-trail/googlemaps/ In summer these Adelaide Hills are one of the most fire prone regions in Australia.

12 thoughts on “on the trail

    1. This was the coldest weekend of our winter. We had travelled over to Adelaide and there was snow falling 2 kilometres from here the day of the photos and this path was very wet. It was 4 o C when I took these. Sometimes winter does not look cold in images!!


  1. My son, and his wife and their daughter have just emigrated to Adelaide to work as doctors. Your pictures and words have brought it to life. We are hoping to visit at the end of the year.


    1. They are brave Steve, although it depends on what they are expecting. The Adelaide Hills , if that is where they live is freezing in the winter and bushfire prone in the Summer. The water supply comes from the Murray River, that is problematical. Then there is Adelaide’s culture, very quiet, very 1950’s, fixated on AFL football. BUT the best wines in Australia come from vineyards around Adelaide and so does a lot of our gourmet foods. AS a tourist you will love it depending on the air conditioners in house and car!!

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        1. When you have arrived see if your family can be convinced to take a holiday down to Kangaroo Island, it will be cooler. You may be looking at days over 40 oC in January and very drying. Adelaide is surrounded on 3 sides by desert or semi desert.

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