spring is here


seeking nesting site

bird of rainbow beauty

a brief flash of red



This haiku image is shared on Ronovan’s haiku/poetry weekly challenge, please visit at


These rainbow Lorikeets are now making final decisions and feeding up around our place as the nesting season begins. There were 8 of them in our back yard busily feeding and posturing . Two stayed behind and checked out an inadequate possibility in a Liquid Amber before moving on. They do return almost every day. Should we go out and buy a nesting box in the chance they may use it??


13 thoughts on “spring is here

    1. I,m glad you like them. I guess we take parrots and cockatoos for granted generally in Australia. Here in suburban Melbourne on the coast we have usually 5 – 7 different species. Right now at least 3 are passing through our yards each day as Spring unfolds. In my blog there are quite a few other haiku/images of birds we see locally including these same lorikeets.

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