nothing can move this

oldest bridge in the land

at peace in autumn


The Richmond Bridge at Richmond just outside Hobart Tasmania Australia is the oldest constructed bridge in the country. A legacy of convict labour this bridge and many other beautiful early nineteenth century Georgian architectural beauties are beautiful reminders of a brutal colonial history.

This is my contribution to Ronovan Writes Haiku Challenge. Check this fantastic blog out at  this Ping back Link

18 thoughts on “survivor

    1. Thanks Sue. Like many other convict built infrastructure in Tasmania it has a dark history of violence, abuse, death and cruelty. This was not a pretty chapter in England’s colonial history.


    1. Thank you Carol. There is a very dark and violent history behind the building of this bridge and other infrastructure constructed by the English colonial government in Tasmania during the C19th. Whole books have been written, I tried to give a glimpse only.


  1. An important story to tell. The beauty and solidity of the bridge is amazing and nicely captured by your poem. The contrast between the story behind the bridge and its beauty reminds me of the twist sometimes found in a haiku.


    1. Thanks for your very perceptive and supportive comment. My reading of Basho inspired me to provide something more with my haiku so the reader could see and understand the moment of inspiration. Basho both wrote and sketched as well as creating haiku.

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      1. I’m sorry to say that I’m the only member left. People are so busy developing their own blog they don’t have time, I suppose. I reblog what interest me, and think about what to do with it.


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