Scan 152490001-3

ah sakura time

pleasing yamadera view

worth a thousand steps

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Scan 152490007-1

Twenty five years ago Jill and I travelled Japan in April and May. In those days  cameras were set to record the date of the photograph on the image. We had to journey far to North Central Honshu to catch Sakura, (the Cherry Blossom). The petals were beginning to fall in Yamagata at the castle ruins as shown in the last image. However out at Yamadera temple the cherry trees in the valley were still holding their blossom. Basho visited Yamadera , its an amazing feeling to think that hundreds of years later as we climbed the 1000 steps we may have sat on a rock where he rested .

17 thoughts on “Sakura

      1. You have a lovely way of putting things -‘history rolling off the hills’ just wonderful. I knew a Japanese girl called Sakura once – now I know what her name means – aah – sadly we lost touch.


        1. She was very special to her parents to be called Sakura. Try and regain contact. I am very fortunate to have a Japanese sister who adopted me and also a brother who adopted me. This means I have access to the inner way of Japanese life and culture, something gaijin do not have when they visit as tourists. The next time you visit Japan plan your own trip and take time to immerse in one area or place. Kyoto is a wonderful city to just be in for a week or two. From there one can take day excursions however you return to your base each evening and get to know the neighbourhood around .


  1. What a wonderful experience Denis. I am so glad you linked it to “On The Road”. Following in Basho’s footsteps! I’m envious. I love the photos and the haiku is one to savour again and again.


    1. Thanks for inspiring me to revisit Basho’s journey Suzanne. On my list is to digitise more slides and negatives of my trips to Japan for more haibun creations on Haikuhound.


  2. The countryside in your photo is so beautiful especially the mountain range.
    Beautiful feeling haiku as well. Thanks for linking this to On the Road.


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