natural experience



fading energy

so peaceful


Another beautiful sunset at Ricketts Point. At this time early in September the sun sets directly behind the You Yangs on the Western side of Port Phillip Bay.

Jill wondered last night how significant this experience would have been to the local Aboriginal Bunwurrong as they farewelled another day probably feasting on the abundance of seafood available to them.

Follow this link to experience this beautiful place with images.

Or read more about Ricketts Point here. 

3 thoughts on “natural experience

    1. Hi Janice.
      Thanks for your comments on my last 2 postings. Yes the 3/5/3 is more challenging. One way to approach it is to do a 5/7/5 then edit it down. After a while the 3/5/3 comes. Formal Japanese haiku is 3/5/3 in Kanji as one sentence. In English a 3/5/3 comes out at 6-9 words and looks fine as one sentence. This is getting back near the original, then of course there are lots of other rules, e.g. season reference etc. Of course Haiku can be as informal as the poet desires ultimately.

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      1. I like knowing about the traditions ,especially in a community where you are free to be traditional or just create. When I write a haiku I usually just write down a thought as it pops into my head and then look at structure and flow after.


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