Hot Start

This week for Ronovans Haiku Challenge I have decided to present differently.

Last week I met up with an informal haiku sharing group at the Wheeler Writers Centre in Melbourne. A range of haiku written in very different styles was shared and discussed. Rumi, the main energy behind the group attempts to re-write all offered haiku in 3/5/3 traditional  as in one sentence of 7-9 words. I have always written 5/7/5 English haiku but have warmed quickly to this other style.

So here are three haiku offerings in 3/5/3/ with an image of course, ( I always have an image) one is serious, one is nature based and one is humorous.


evening comes

hot day tomorrow

start relaxing

IMGP0282 - Version 2

hot heads meet

resolution needed

start talking


car won’t start

 not air-conditioned

hot outside

The short stories.

The first is a blazing sunset at Ricketts Point last summer showing off the dust  from an Indonesian volcano, ( see an earlier page under sunset for a slightly different image).

The second shows three Crested Terns having an interesting chat , perhaps about the availability of fish. These fascinating birds turn up at Ricketts Point late September and stay around into summer.

The third shows three old blokes, myself included abandoning car on a very hot day. There are a number of interesting stories associated with this image, but all too long to go into. Many readers may wonder what on earth this car is, certainly not Australia’s latest . The car is a story in itself but I do not know it.

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