wind sculpture


growing free

shaped by wintry winds

old tea tree

This coastal Tea-Tree is one of a stand growing at Green Point on Brighton Beach. There are many different wild and freeform shapes amongst this collection of reasonably old trees. With this particular example the trunk has been shaped to grow almost along the ground like a giant natural bonsai.

my photographs








camera as pen

capturing moments

muse images

This is my contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 68 Muse & Pen. The challenge words this week potentially opened many doors. To see what other poets created visit

cheer the call

Three contributions this week to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 67 with key words Cheer & Call. Learn more about this creative haiku challenge and see great poetic minds at work  here

The first is for nature lovers, the second for people power lovers and the third for food lovers.


cheer us up

young one needs feeding

its your call

This family of magpies regularly arrive on our front fence and proceed to perform for food. The baby (on the right) soon learnt to be particularly acrobatic and is performing a half roll along the bricks. If there are no dogs or cats around they become very brave  and actually wander into a house half a block away looking for food.


call and cheer

so politicians hear

the people

In September 2013 a conservative government was elected in Australia. They proceeded to govern by attacking  opponents, critics and most elements of equity and fairness in  Australian society and generally acted with divisiveness and deceit . This July 2014 image shows people protesting against the 2014 budget that was so horrendous it contributed significantly to the collapse of support and trust for this government by a huge majority of the population. Recently the governing party acting in survival mode replaced the prime Minister  and the Treasurer subsequently resigned. We have basically the same governing politicians with much the same policies however there is now an element of inclusiveness and concern, even a little humanity from the new leadership team. Very soon there will be many books released analysing this last two years of political experimentation in Australia.


call in here

for coffee and scones

to cheer up

The Merchant of Malmsbury, a wonderful relaxing break for delicious home made scones and jam and cream on the Calder Highway journey to Bendigo.


cooling off


by the shore 

with a setting sun

sing to me

Another evening shot at Ricketts Point. The water can change colour before your eyes to all shades of gold at a certain period during some sunsets. A chorus of seagulls can be raucous especially if stale chips are involved however a single gull can produce melody.



pine for love

alone at sunset

oh what grief

I had to dig deep into my image files to find a stimulus for Ronovan’s haiku challenge this week. The challenge words ” Pine and Grief” . See all about this haiku poets weekly challenge at

I like the challenge of the original 2 words, no Thesaurus or tangent deviation for me. The image is another beautiful spring sunset at Ricketts Point. Who knows what that lone woman on the rocks was doing? Enjoying the sunset, pining for a lost love or maybe grieving over past times.

sweet sounds


harp like sound

from spring rosella

song so clear


With Spring comes  frequent visits from various parrots. Crimson Rosellas usually arrive in pairs or small family groups. The first image is a fly by guest who dropped into our front yard , the second image shows these Rosellas can quickly train humans to feed them. If not fed they work on wooden structures to reinforce their requests, (see the rail in front of the bowl after a quick chew with a beak).  Crimson and Eastern Rosellas have a range of song/noises. One sound is a single high pitched and loud “pinnnnnng” that is used to signal  where they are to a mate. Close your eyes and ones imagination could almost think a harpist, (maybe not Laureena McKennitt) was tuning up.

This is my contribution to the wonderful Blog site RonovanWrites  Weekly  Haiku  Poetry Prompt  Challenge. This is number 65 using words Harp&Clear. Discover much more at