give and take

reciprocal trust

dog for life


Snapshots of Charlie, as a 9 month old pup and  a 9 year old dog. Recently she has had many appointments with her vet as various health challenges test her resilience.  Her trust in us and the vets has been amazing, her main objective has been to overcome all the interruptions and get back to her old lifestyle, ( even if a little more slowly). There is still plenty of life in the dog and she has started giving her all again.

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a warning



silver sea

afternoon storm cloud


A summer storm is sweeping across Port Phillip Bay and some small fishing boats are taking their time returning to shore safely in time. Melbourne has an incredible reputation for sudden weather pattern changes totally at odds with the forecast. Four seasons in one day is a common reference in tourist literature.

Boating tragedies are  unfortunately frequent on “the bay” usually involving amateurs not considering boat safety or watching the weather.

summer nears


cooling down

playing with the breeze

bamboo chimes

These Indonesian wind chimes hang on our front veranda . They create a smoother more natural contrasting sound to the metal wind chimes hanging nearby. Many afternoons in Summer after a hot day the evening coastal breeze drifts up the hill from Port Phillip Bay and cools us  down with music from these chimes and breath from the wind.

goodbye for now



days colour

a fading sunset

cover up

Another sunset at Ricketts Point with the middle photo looking across towards the You Yangs. These large hills dominate the Western edge of Port Phillip Bay.

The view from the top is magnificent looking around the bay sweeping down past the city of Melbourne. Towards the North one sees Mt Macedon and immediately below to the South West is Geelong. Before Europeans  arrived, (invaded) Indigenous people used these hills for watching and communicating with smoke.

This is my contribution to a unique sharing Haiku Poetry challenge RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 71 Cover&Color

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craning necks

protecting their nest

eggs of gold



Rainbow Lorikeets are nesting at Ricketts Point and have to protect their nests against other parrots, Indian Mynas, Ravens, Currawongs and the intrusions of human photographers.. It will be interesting to see evidence of any fledglings in a couple of weeks.

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free to roam


scent on wind

 dogs mind thinks hunting

haiku on mine

Version 2

Charlie loves to get out in the bush at Bendigo and wander with us as we look for native orchids and birds. Once we came upon a wallaby that  bounded away at the last minute and since then Charlie has to be watched carefully . The lead stays off only when we are sure no wildlife is near. She also stays alert and is always on protection duty. Afghan Hounds have a strong sense of protecting their family and property, usually doing it without needing to use violence, just a body language presence that warns.

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