free to roam


scent on wind

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haiku on mine

Version 2

Charlie loves to get out in the bush at Bendigo and wander with us as we look for native orchids and birds. Once we came upon a wallaby that  bounded away at the last minute and since then Charlie has to be watched carefully . The lead stays off only when we are sure no wildlife is near. She also stays alert and is always on protection duty. Afghan Hounds have a strong sense of protecting their family and property, usually doing it without needing to use violence, just a body language presence that warns.

This  haiku with images is my contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 69 Haiku & Mind. Follow this link to see what other creative haiku poets are doing to MIND and HAIKU



36 thoughts on “free to roam

    1. Thanks Sue. She really is an amazing girl and thinks her second name is beautiful when out on the cafe or park scenes. However we are nursing a very sick dog these days and having many visits and procedures at the vet. This week end we are taking her for a short trip holiday in the country and should cheer her up a bit.


    1. Thanks for your positive comments Janice.The landscape is box-ironbark bushland, part of the remains that were extensive across Central Victoria before Europeans arrived and attacked the landscape in the C19th.

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            1. Sadly around the world people with power and wealth see the environment as something to either exploit or that it is stopping their economic growth. And equally sadly most politicians are connected to those with power and wealth. However we have a strong Green political party in Australia and many loud environment groups, and we are growing . However the struggle can never be relaxed.

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              1. So true. You are on such a unique and vulnerable continent. I hope that one day there will be an understanding that human and environmental interests are inextricable–it will have to be enshrined in law as greed will always lurk in some corners.


    1. Thank you Melissa for your positive comments. This bush is remnant of what was once extensive vegetation across central Victoria. We are lucky to have a house on the edge of this beautiful land and visit it occasionally at weekends.I guess Afghan Hounds may not be seen out on Ariann, Inis Meain or Inis Oirn?

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        1. I have a copy of Sean Scully’s “Walls of Aran” it seems stone walls are something that you have in abundance. We also have Tim Robinson’s two books so there is a lot of Aran knowledge in our house.

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