a warning



silver sea

afternoon storm cloud


A summer storm is sweeping across Port Phillip Bay and some small fishing boats are taking their time returning to shore safely in time. Melbourne has an incredible reputation for sudden weather pattern changes totally at odds with the forecast. Four seasons in one day is a common reference in tourist literature.

Boating tragedies are  unfortunately frequent on “the bay” usually involving amateurs not considering boat safety or watching the weather.

8 thoughts on “a warning

  1. I remembered the fisherman, he was a good and nice man. When I was young, in our summer house, everyday I saw him coming back from fishing. And always I asked to him to take me with him. He told me, “not today nia, the weather doesn’t seem good!”… But one day he took me with him too to the fishing. It was my unforgotten memory… The sailors, and fishermen know the weather and what is coming… Beautiful silver image (and beautiful poetical lines too) you captured dear Dennis. Thank you, love, nia


      1. I think new generation is not like him. He was really great man. It is same in here too now dear Dennis… World changes, people change… and at the end there wouldn’t be anyone who remember the old days…


    1. You have to be lucky to get a break over .5 of a metre at Mordi now except on a wild Winters day Suzanne. Even the surf shops in Main Street have gone. In 1972-3 when I was at uni I lived with a family on Beach Road Parkdale and had tea looking over Beaumaris Bay every night, sunsets, storms the lot.

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      1. Well we are definitely in the same age bracket 🙂 The Mordialloc surfs were before that – back in the early 60s when dad would drive us down to the beach as a storm approached. The waves probably weren’t all that high but they were great fun for kids learning to body surf.


          1. Great beach at Parkdale. I remember it well though it has been many, many years since I’ve been over that way. My life took a path well away from that area in the 1970s and I rarely returned.


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