give and take

reciprocal trust

dog for life


Snapshots of Charlie, as a 9 month old pup and  a 9 year old dog. Recently she has had many appointments with her vet as various health challenges test her resilience.  Her trust in us and the vets has been amazing, her main objective has been to overcome all the interruptions and get back to her old lifestyle, ( even if a little more slowly). There is still plenty of life in the dog and she has started giving her all again.

This is my submission to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 72 Life&Give. This haiku sharing site created and managed by a man of immense energy and creativity can be accessed at     Visit to read a breadth of imaginative haiku styles guided by the prompt words” life and give”

21 thoughts on “Charlie

    1. Yes Sue, she and Ani would do a great duet in any High Street if they were able to meet up. IF you see any Gold Afghans around they could be her relatives as her bloodline in out of England, don’t have the specifics here as the breeders who gave her to us have the linage details.


          1. He’s a one-person dog. In all of humanity I’m the only one he really trusts. It’s like living with a wild animal. Other dogs are potential enemies or members of his pack. They all have to be sorted out. Can be a bit fraught taking him for a walk with dogs he knows and we meet new dogs who have to be taught their place in the hierarchy.


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