do wolves eat cake?


afghan hounds

closest dogs to wolves

like their cake


Whilst Charlie has her own bowls, diet and feeding times she also participates in our meals. Her position is beside a chair at the table as observed in the above picture where scraps can be gently passed down by hand. Yes she does like cake but only receives tiny morsels although on birthdays the portions are larger. Charlie is the first Afghan for many years who has excellent table manners in that she does not think food left on a table is an invitation for it to be eaten. One previous girl called Flossie would not hesitate to dispose of food, especially cakes that were left unattended. We would often find Flossie in the kitchen with her front feet on a bench making sure no food would  be wasted. She had a companion called Suki who was not a stealer , however she would hover below Flossie and catch anything knocked towards the floor. Suki was often the winner much to Flossie’s dismay.  Then we had Kara who was known to have the gift of stealing and eating a chicken breast off the kitchen bench in seconds. Do Wolves like Cake? I am not sure , however their close cousin the Afghan Hound does.


bone not cake

liked by hound and wolf

at any time

These Haiku are my contributions to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 74 Cake&Wolf.

By visiting this site you will have the privilege of reading how many talented poets from around the world have interpreted this weeks challenge.

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