beautiful singer

day is night

Version 2


at sunrise

magpies sweetly sing

day after day



sing to me 

as daylight departs

quietly now

Three haiku this week for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 76 Sing&Day. Visit this wonderful site for creative haiku poets sharing their poetry at

  1. As we entered Hamer Hall at the Victorian Arts centre for a concert to hear Gurrumul I snapped this advertisement with my I Phone. Gurrumul is one of the most amazing contemporary voices in Australian music. Take time to visit his website and learn more at He has been blind since birth and is the most adept of musicians and singers, not letting anything stop his creativity. Jill and I were honoured to be invited to participate in an official video  to launch his latest album.  Can you spot us?
  2. This is one of our magpies who regularly call in the morning from our liquid amber at sunrise. If you wish to hear this beautiful sound click on
  3. Two black swans whispering sweet sounds , (singing very quietly ) to each other last night as the sun went down in a blaze across Port Phillip Bay.

9 thoughts on “Singing

  1. What a feast of a post this is! Beautiful romantic image and haiku to finish with.
    I will take time later to go through the audio clips – right now I’m preparing for 3 lively grandchildren to arrive – they have their own early morning song!


      1. And you supplied interesting extra info as well 🙂 I listened to a magpie warble and wanted to hear more 🙂 it’s funny, I was just ‘talking’ with another blogger the other day how sometimes you wish for sound with a photo without going to video. I’m interested in the singer you featured too and have him flagged to look up soon.


        1. Its great to receive your feedback Janice. When you look up the Gurrumul links his songs are all sung in language, ( his particular indigenous language is from the Elcho Island region from the top NE part of Australia}.

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Thanks Denis. I’ll be checking him out. I listened to a snippet but our wifi is slow right now due to our limited plan running out before month end (unusual event)–so I ‘m going to wait until January…I enjoy ‘world’ music and I like what I ‘ve heard so far so thanks for the lead.


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