christmas eve


warm evening

christmas approaching

calm water


Near Christmas eve at Ricketts Point on Port Phillip Bay. The birds are enjoying the peacefulness of this quiet time of day after all the people, (almost) have departed. One can almost feel the heat in the images as the sun dips towards the horizon.

As predicted Christmas day is hot and a strong north wind is creating havoc with fires down along the coast and in other parts of SE Australia.

Currently its 34 o C outside and  fire warnings on the internet tell us;

For the rest of Friday 25 December:

Severe Fire Danger is forecast for the following forecast districts:
Wimmera, North Central, South West and Central

The CFA advises that you:

For information on preparing for bushfires go to

14 thoughts on “christmas eve

        1. It is . People who have been caught up in bushfires and survived always live with the memories. The authorities work hard to develop early warning systems and advice, each year they improve. These current fires have been severe but no people have died. However we never hear the full stories of the devastation caused to wildlife.

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    1. Thanks Laura. Our Christmas day was hot but quite safe unlike the people caught in the bushfires down the coast. We hear today over 100 homes have been destroyed and the fires are still burning in difficult terrain. Luckily no lives have been lost.

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