trilling seagulls



at sunset 

do some seagulls trill

a last call



gulls roosting

as the sun goes down

final trill

Four different sunsets at Ricketts Point and always the resident seagulls are bedding down for the night with allowance for tidal movements. They do make a lot of noise and with a variety of tone and pitch. Do they  trill? Maybe. By the way  can you spot the same one legged bird in each shot?

These haiku are my contributions to

styled up


just bathed

crest fresh and styled

what a bird


style up now

need a fresh new look 

for the mate


These birds are Crested Pigeons, native to most of Australia but more often seen inland and in drier habitats. They moved into Melbourne in small numbers during the big drought of the late 90’s and stayed. Usually a pair or two are seen in our area however this summer the birds in this photo have decided to spend a lot of time feeding for seeds in our yard. They are quite tame  and I can now call them in with their Whoo Whoo sounds  for some budgie seed. The crests are an amazing set of feathers, creating quite a style challenge for adventurous teenagers to copy?

The crested pigeons have offered themselves a subjects for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 80 challenge words  Style&Fresh.  Visit the challenge site here at                                                        and read some amazing haiku and also see what other creative activities Ronovan facilitates


Untitled (25)


oh geiko

traditions to be shared

your whole life


Untitled (26)

These are two Geiko (thats Kyoto speak for Geisha) who were doing a photo shoot on a terrace at Kio Mizudera.  No Japanese were allowed near the action, however some of my students wandered over and were allowed to take photos. I went over  and was also allowed to take some shots. One of the advantages of being Geijin tourists.




hoping for

crystal clear water

and a swim


Some days in summer the waters around the edge of our bayside area can be very still and clear. Looking down towards the Red Bluff caught by the setting sun  one is panning towards the beaches Charlie loves to walk on and contemplate paddling from.

This is my contribution to the exhilarating Haiku Challenge facilitated by Ronovan. The creative range of poetry flooding into Ronovan’s site this week with the challenge words Crystal and Hope can be accessed at

look forward


new year now

living to be done

up and on

Charlie has battled a series of health issues across the last six months. There are glimpses of possible stability on good days when the temperature stays below   30 oC. This is a haiku for Charlie. As the image shows new challenges have to be overcome. Upon climbing these steps she promptly hurled herself off them, that was a couple of years ago. On a recent visit in September here to our house in Bendigo she did climb the stairs again, but gently walked down again. She loves visiting here and any followers of our blog will see other posts showing Charlie out in the bush behind this house.



clear viewing

vast is the landscape

new haiku


vast ocean

horizon beckons

clear the mind


clear new year

vast as the ocean

take some time

This is my contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 78 Vast&Clear. Access all the haiku by many creative poets from around the world at

The images are from the top :

  1. Looking out from Red Rock, an extinct volcano near Colac in the Western Districts of Victoria. From here one can see a number of other extinct volcanos that together make up the largest volcanic plain in the world, (possibly). This region is geologically recent in terms of volcanic activity but on-one talks about this fact. Stimulating incentive to formulating haiku.
  2. That is me standing on the beach north of Bicheno on the central east coast of beautiful Tasmania, the amazing island state of Australia. If you want to clear your mind of dross spend a couple of weeks in Tasmania, better still live there.
  3. Another beautiful sunset from the cliffs at Black Rock two nights ago on 6th January. No better place to think about New Year resolutions, that is think about them!

puss puss

Untitled (14)

many hours

such preparation

for a cat

Gion Kyoto in June 2000. It was late afternoon and this Maiko, (apprentice Geisha) was setting off to an evening of professional engagement. Suddenly she stopped to pass the time of day with a young white cat, very much at home on the street. I waited for a shot of the Maiko reaching down to pat the cat but alas she only exchanged pleasantries and continued.

Very close to this setting Jill and I experienced one of our most bizarre non disastrous situations ever.  It was April 1990 and we were half way through a 5 week tour of Honshu and Kyushu.

Near the foothill of Tea Pot alley leading up to Kiomizu dera we entered an interesting pottery shop. We had left our two Afghan Hounds Floss and Suki and cat Tippy back home and were on the look out for Afghans in Japan. Up near Matsushima Bay  a week earlier  we came upon a school girl walking 2 Gold Afghan Hounds and had chatted and photographed them. Otherwise no hounds to be seen.

As we entered this pottery store and began browsing the crowded shelves and narrow walk throughs we were suddenly disturbed by a rushing sound coming from the rear of the store. A young Afghan pup was hurtling through the shop straight for us. Instinctively I dropped to my knees and the hound arrived in a ball of energy, tail wagging furiously pursued by a young woman. They both stopped in front of us , the pup stood still and we all exchanged interesting finer points of detail that only Afghan Hound people can exchange between each other and with the dogs. Not one piece of pottery had been dislocated from any shelves let alone broken. We have all heard of the term a bull in a China shop. Well from this day Jill and I knew the opposite term is  an Afghan Hound in a pottery shop. Unfortunately we were so excited and distracted we forgot to photograph the pup, but did buy some pottery jewellery. Four years later when I returned to the shop whilst guiding a school tour group I stopped off at the store hoping for a repeat performance and some photos. Sadly the potter informed me the dog had died prematurely of some rare infliction. She was too distraught to get another one.


new year

Untitled (24) 5.44.32 pm

first new day

ah the year unfolds


Untitled (17)

Untitled (40)

Kyoto often comes into my mind as I read, communicate with Japanese friends and compose haiku. I am drawn to return there but have to overcome my fear of flying, (not helped by numerous aviation incidents in recent times). With persistent encouragement from my wife Jill and my Japanese little sister Nak maybe 2016 is the year I shall return. These images were taken with print film in a pre digital age during September 2000 on my last trip to Japan guiding 4 teaching colleagues and 15 students.

This is my contribution to  RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 76 Year&New . This wonderful prose / poetry sharing blog site managed by Ronovan, the maestro of creative writing energies is a must visit if you are not aware of it. Visit at