new year

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first new day

ah the year unfolds


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Kyoto often comes into my mind as I read, communicate with Japanese friends and compose haiku. I am drawn to return there but have to overcome my fear of flying, (not helped by numerous aviation incidents in recent times). With persistent encouragement from my wife Jill and my Japanese little sister Nak maybe 2016 is the year I shall return. These images were taken with print film in a pre digital age during September 2000 on my last trip to Japan guiding 4 teaching colleagues and 15 students.

This is my contribution to  RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 76 Year&New . This wonderful prose / poetry sharing blog site managed by Ronovan, the maestro of creative writing energies is a must visit if you are not aware of it. Visit at

27 thoughts on “new year

  1. What a beautiful haiku and reflective haibun. Your photos are delightful. I hope you are able to visit Japan again one day.


  2. Aaaah! Your photos take me back there. Is that the Golden Temple in the last photo? We went there on a bright sunny day so the temple was glowing in the reflections from the water. Fun to see a familiar sight. I know what you mean about flying and the state of the world, but I do hope you get to Japan in 2016 to recharge your Japan batteries. Your haiku is like an affirmation for your return.


  3. Wonderful haiku to welcome in the New Year Denis, interested to find out that you have visited Japan my daughter is planning to go there next year with her University exchange program. Hope you manage to go again too.


    1. Thanks Marje. Your daughter will come home a changed person and will be restless to return. Japan is an amazing set of contradictions that only leave the visitor wanting to experience more. I have been 4 times now and am probably close to my fifth.

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        1. I have been 4 times, my wife did her 6th trip last year. I led 3 school trips to Japan and quite a few of the students and teachers have returned since their first visit. Some of the students went back to university there. We are only 9 hours and 1 hour different from Japan so it is an easier and reasonably cheaper trip from Australia than from Western Europe.

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        1. That was the plan. I started a sister school relationship with a high school in Osaka in 1993 and then helped initiate Japanese language at my school. The sister school relationship recently celebrated its 20th anniversary and I was invited back for a school wide celebration. The program is stronger than ever. This is a great way for students to learn language, culture and experience the country first hand. Along the way life long friendships are formed.

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        1. Thanks for your strong affirmation for what I have done Sandra. It makes sense to better understand other cultures rather than fear,distrust etc. Sadly the world is turning upside down at the moment with short term ignorance, lack of compassion and greed.

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          1. You are so right – mainly ignorance – the biggest killer of mankind! We must carry on in our own small corners doing what we can sending out ripples here and there. You have made a great difference.


    1. Thanks Pat, thats a good idea, the Japanese believe they should see Kyoto once in their lifetime. The city encapsulates the whole of Japanese society and culture, even Tokyo cannot do that.

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        1. If there again Pat take time to visit the alleys around Ueno and Asakusa and visit the Meiji shrine/park and the Imperial Palace for starters. Don’t forget most of Tokyo had been firebombed to rubble by 1945 so old Tokyo is only in certain places.


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