look forward


new year now

living to be done

up and on

Charlie has battled a series of health issues across the last six months. There are glimpses of possible stability on good days when the temperature stays below   30 oC. This is a haiku for Charlie. As the image shows new challenges have to be overcome. Upon climbing these steps she promptly hurled herself off them, that was a couple of years ago. On a recent visit in September here to our house in Bendigo she did climb the stairs again, but gently walked down again. She loves visiting here and any followers of our blog will see other posts showing Charlie out in the bush behind this house.



clear viewing

vast is the landscape

new haiku


vast ocean

horizon beckons

clear the mind


clear new year

vast as the ocean

take some time

This is my contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 78 Vast&Clear. Access all the haiku by many creative poets from around the world at https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/category/haiku-prompt-challenge/

The images are from the top :

  1. Looking out from Red Rock, an extinct volcano near Colac in the Western Districts of Victoria. From here one can see a number of other extinct volcanos that together make up the largest volcanic plain in the world, (possibly). This region is geologically recent in terms of volcanic activity but on-one talks about this fact. Stimulating incentive to formulating haiku.
  2. That is me standing on the beach north of Bicheno on the central east coast of beautiful Tasmania, the amazing island state of Australia. If you want to clear your mind of dross spend a couple of weeks in Tasmania, better still live there.
  3. Another beautiful sunset from the cliffs at Black Rock two nights ago on 6th January. No better place to think about New Year resolutions, that is think about them!