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Charlie has battled a series of health issues across the last six months. There are glimpses of possible stability on good days when the temperature stays below   30 oC. This is a haiku for Charlie. As the image shows new challenges have to be overcome. Upon climbing these steps she promptly hurled herself off them, that was a couple of years ago. On a recent visit in September here to our house in Bendigo she did climb the stairs again, but gently walked down again. She loves visiting here and any followers of our blog will see other posts showing Charlie out in the bush behind this house.

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    1. Thanks Suzanne. She is a very special dog. Our previous Afghan, Kara died unexpectedly on July 10th 2006 and we rang the breeders we had bought her from to discuss what had happened. They told us a litter was going to be born in the next 24 hours and we could have one of the pups. To cut the story short. Instead of the usual 10-12 pups from an Afghan litter there were only 2. Charlie’s mother was owned by a Russian couple and they had agreed on the mating with our friends male dog . However after the birth they took the mother and sibling away after 4 weeks before weaning had finished. Charlie was reared by her grandmother, a sister of our previous dog. She did not come home with us until she was 9 months old however we visited her a couple of times before that. At nine months she had much showing and breeding potential however the promise to us was fulfilled. She has been the most liveable, knowledgeable dog that has ever lived with us.

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      1. What a lovely story. I still remember the large number of afghans that lived in Beaumaris when my parents lived there in the 1980s. They are such characterful dogs and so very, very elegant.


        1. There certainly were a few and most likely you saw us with our 2 during the 80’s. We were often down at Rickett’s Point with them. One of them used to try and grab ice-creams off little children, that certainly was not very elegant.

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          1. They can be silly dogs sometimes. My kids had a book about an afghan puppy that was always getting into a mess. I can’t remember the name of the book but the pictures were a hoot.


            1. That dog was called What a Mess . The book does not do justice to reality. Our previous Afghan came at 10 weeks and the first 2 months were my most stressful ever, much more than teaching. I would go to school to relax.

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