trilling seagulls



at sunset 

do some seagulls trill

a last call



gulls roosting

as the sun goes down

final trill

Four different sunsets at Ricketts Point and always the resident seagulls are bedding down for the night with allowance for tidal movements. They do make a lot of noise and with a variety of tone and pitch. Do they  trill? Maybe. By the way  can you spot the same one legged bird in each shot?

These haiku are my contributions to

43 thoughts on “trilling seagulls

  1. “Trilling” my poor vocabulary is being rich by learning new words, or expression. I loved how you used it with seagulls, there is a poetical touches of course in here. These moments of sun seem amazing… Fascinated me sunset photographs. Thank you dear Denis, by the way I can see the legged one 🙂 Love, nia


    1. Thanks Nia. I also love sunset photos and many evenings we drive down to this beach near our home to watch and take photos. Trilling is more a songbird sound but seagulls make many noises. You must have a very powerful magnifying glass Nia!!

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      1. As you say they do make all sorts of noises. I’m afraid I have no affection for gulls as they are such pests here, dive-bombing people and stealing food. I once had some nesting on my roof – what a terrible racket from about 4am!


    1. Thanks Lizl. The width of the bay helps with the reflection plus getting right down by the water. Are loons American versions of what we call hoons in Australia, that is younger males who have not taken their medication and should be tucked up in bed by 6.00pm?

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      1. No, but as they call to one another at night, out on the lake, it is a sound of maniacal laughter. Aquatic bird (size between large duck/small goose). In British Isles, called “divers”. The Great Northern Loon is Minnesota’s state bird.
        en .


        1. Thats fascinating Lizl. Great birds just as long as they don’t hang out near your house. I guess they don’t really trill by the sound of the call. Maniacal laughter , it sounds like a neighbour after a couple of wines.


  2. Beautiful poems and sunsets–seems the prompts evoked the same idea for us (sounds of birds in the evening) Trill is a funny word — I don’t use it regularly but have an image of its sound–or thought I did…it captures intense bird sounds I think.


    1. Thanks Janice. Yes there seem to be a lot of bird haiku but people can trill sometimes, we have the Australian Open happening and perhaps Maria Sharapova and Victoria Azarenka are excellent TRILLERS

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    1. Thanks Joyce. I pick the timing and just point and shoot and keep shooting and extend the lens in and out between 18-250. I am very lucky we get fantastic sunsets over this bay and it is very close to where I live. I am not yet a patient photographer.

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  3. Now that you point it out…hard to make it out in the second photo though. Each picture is more beautiful than the last one, leading up to my favourite one of orange, my fave colour of all. The haikus, perfect!


  4. Such lovely sunset photos, Denis. I so do miss them in my area of the world. A few more months and they will return. Perfect poetry to enhance the images.


  5. Lovely photos Denis. Trilling seaguls? Now there’s a thought. We have a flock of corellas roosting near here. They squabble 🙂


    1. Thanks Pat. The sun and bay put on regular performances so all I do is turn up. The haiku, well the images work with the mind to create, sometimes the mind comes first.


  6. Some of your nicest work I think. I always love your wildlife, but here I see more of the overall nature. And strangely enough, I was hoping for nature this week when I visited. Not sure why. 🙂 And here it is. That last one in contrast with the first one in color is amazing.


    1. Thanks for your very generous comments Vashti. I wish I was a professional photographer, but not for a long time yet. I still have to learn how to fully use my cameras so thank god for DSLR’s for every good shot there are lots of deleted ones.
      The only money I make from photography is royalties for photos I included in sections of students humanities text books I wrote. Every time the books are re published I get permissions requests. My only regret was I did not use more images the publishers could not procure at the time.

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      1. You wrote a humanities text book, that’s amazing! Well, you’re well on your way to becoming a professional. I’ve seen pictures in magazines that don’t look as crisp, well framed, and colorful as yours. 🙂


        1. Co-writing Vashti, not on my own. I have contributed to almost 20 books across 15 years and also written and edited material for online learning resources for Australian teachers and students. The last work I did was to critically evaluate 4 Geography text books for a publisher and I had to write some spreads to back up my critique . Now I am messing around researching and drafting sections of what will be my first fiction work. meanwhile I write haiku.


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