many different stars

star 1 sun star

Every night the sun sets across Port Phillip Bay and most evenings we get a chance to say goodbye till tomorrow. What do children think as they watch a sunset?

Version 2

the star shines

a child wonders

about life



star 2. tennis star

Roger Federer was defeated by Novak Djokovic in the semi finals at this years Australian Open. Whilst Roger’s career is up and down and he has not won a Grand Slam for a couple of years now he remains world number 4. Many budding child tennis players worship Roger and hope to become as good as him one day. In this image Roger had won a semi final and went on to become the Open Champion that year.


a star fades

somewhere a child dreams

to be him

star 3. future star

The DaliLama regularly visits Australia. His wisdom, understanding of life and messages for world harmony offer politicians of all persuasions directions for peace and harmony. To me he is a star of hope for the future.


star of hope

the dali lama

reborn child

star 4. remembered star

I have more time these days to spend with my cameras photographing whatever interests me. Sunsets are becoming my favourite subject  because of the range of poses created and the variety of views over Port Phillip Bay offered evening after evening. Here are a couple of my memories from last year.



as a child

my favourite view

of our star

These 4 haiku and accompanying images are my contributions to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 82 Star&Child. A weekly haiku challenge taken up in growing numbers by creative poets from around the world led by Ronovan . You can views these amazing artistic expressions at


34 thoughts on “many different stars

  1. What an amazing set of haiku and photos. You are on fire!
    That photo with the sun peeping from under the cloud formation is extraordinary. Seeing the world through the eyes of a child is one of the deepest joys. Thank you Denis, I shall go back and savour it all again.

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    1. Thanks for your encouraging comments Sandra. Ronovan seems to have fired a lot of us up with his challenge this week from the multiple haiku I have read so far. I was a teacher for many years so tend to have a questioning outlook from my teaching approach.

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    1. Not quite Meredith although the air can be quite warm some evenings. Most of these sunsets are at Ricketts Point marine park on Port Phillip Bay. It is a peaceful place also very spiritual as it is an Indigenous sacred womens’ place with thousands of years of history.

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  2. What a great post. I am thinking same as you about Dalai Lama. How nice he visited you there. I wished to see him in here too. Thank you dear Denis, wonderful haiku and amazing photographs, Love, nia


    1. Thanks Claudette. I always write haiku to an image for the blog, or find an image after I have crafted the haiku. For this blog my plan was haiku/image and short story about the image to make up each post.

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  3. Loved reading all your wonderful comments, Denis. I totally agree with all of them, so I will simply say from my perspective that the first sunset photo is photographic genius. It triggered a feeling of yearning in my soul!


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