act with honour


break the web

people power

beats the spin



This haiku shares images of two recent people power protests in Melbourne Australia that my wife Jill and I participated in . What was happening in these images happens around the world, sometimes involving tragedy for participants if they are in quasi democratic or dictatorial  countries.

When governments cross the line in the sand through their governing, people power has to drag them back, in both instances seen here we did  to some extent. The ballot box is where all people who can vote should vote and vote wisely for their future. That is unless men with machine guns stand beside the ballot boxes. Then people have to………….

To really understand the background of this haiku I invite you to visit a page sharing wisdom and advice recently posted by Al the Author in the UK.


Tension mounting


warming earth

time for tense message

climate change

This week I was nudged towards political observation by Al the Author for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 85 challenge words Tight&Warm.  This image shows  some members of our local Climate Change Action Group sending a collective message for the consideration of all Australian politicians via the Australian Conservation Foundation.

In case you don’t have a magnifying glass, ( friend gave me one for my 60th) the messages read from left to right

We must look after our planet

No earth no economy

It’s a moral issue

We need hope for a future

Woof .  The dog is pitching his thoughts in particular to the flat earth believing, climate change deniers of  conservative political persuasion. (they may understand one word grabs)

I care for the environmental future

All our childrens’ future is at stake

The world is home for everyone

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