Tension mounting


warming earth

time for tense message

climate change

This week I was nudged towards political observation by Al the Author for Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 85 challenge words Tight&Warm.  This image shows  some members of our local Climate Change Action Group sending a collective message for the consideration of all Australian politicians via the Australian Conservation Foundation.

In case you don’t have a magnifying glass, ( friend gave me one for my 60th) the messages read from left to right

We must look after our planet

No earth no economy

It’s a moral issue

We need hope for a future

Woof .  The dog is pitching his thoughts in particular to the flat earth believing, climate change deniers of  conservative political persuasion. (they may understand one word grabs)

I care for the environmental future

All our childrens’ future is at stake

The world is home for everyone

To see how other poets of international renown react to Ronovan’s challenge this week click on https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2016/02/22/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-85-tightwarm/

24 thoughts on “Tension mounting

  1. This was great, I support all of you. What a beautiful post, I loved it. And also the dog… Bravo to you all… I hope and wish all our words to reach the address who could solve the problems… Thank you dear Denis, have a nice day, Love, nia


    1. Thanks Nia. We keep pushing the messages and we also have a national election later this year and our government is getting very worried. So they should as they have no policies to speak of, just attacks on their opponents. In Turkey now you have additional serious national problems to deal with that we learn about from our news. I wish you all the best especially for your safety.

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      1. No, actually we are not like that. There is another view in the back of these event… People are not let to show their actions… Even journalists too… and we don’t know what happens there in all details… I mean the reality! There is unseen press actually for all of us. No one is free even journalists and TVs too… But about enjoying life… I don’t know what to say… Yes life goes on… as for me too… I am so sad what’s happening… what could I have done for this? I voted for what I wanted… what happened, I (we) lost… There is nothing to do more… I am not a rebel, protestor, etc. I am a humble one… I was writing my stories in my own language… and I had two books published… but what happened? The distribution company(works according to the government) didn’t work in justice way and kept my books in the storage…instead of sending to the book stores… They chose the books… who I was… one who is the proud of person of my country of Atatürk. and in love with democracy, human rights, human values, etc. Do you think that is it easy to protest anything in here, like you are doing there… Maybe you heard about Taksim Gezi events… it was a big tragic end. Yes, I feel so helpless sometimes… I feel we all lost… I feel there is not hope for future… Life is not easy and it is not as you see from there… In my humble world, I try not to lose my mental state…and also they keep me away from all kind of news, because of my high blood tension… There are so many details in this sad views but I can’t talk all of them. Just I wanted to share a little bit, because your words touched me so much. Thank you, love, nia


        1. Nia , at the school where I was a teacher there was a large Turkish community. Every year I taught some Turkish students. Two of my teaching colleagues were also Turkish. They all had a deep love for their country, the Turkish girls especially were strong and had very determined minds.I am sure the Turkish people are as strong back in Turkey and the spirit of Ataturk will always be guiding the future of your proud country. Stay strong.

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