always there



when I call

you’re always there

charlie girl


Yesterday on February 28th our beautiful Afghan Hound Charlie Girl who has inspired my haiku and this blog finally succumbed to the serious illness’s she has bravely been struggling with since mid last year.  Today Jill and I have deep feelings of sadness. Charlie was an exceptional dog who shared our lives and travelled widely with us as I wrote and imaged on many posts. Lots of my wonderful readers have expressed lovely responses to Charlie’s stories and images. She will live forever in our hearts and also  on Haikuhound.

27 thoughts on “always there

    1. Thank you Laura. She was suffering so much more in her last week form a number of illnesses. Her bravery and trust was so powerful, if only humans generally could follow her example.

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  1. Oh dear Denis, I am so sad to hear this, I loved Charlie, even we haven’t met, but she was an adorable lovely friend. My thoughts with you both, I know how your feelings, makes me cry, she is an angel now. Love, nia


    1. Thanks for your compassion Nia. I am so glad you made such a strong connection to her on my posts, she is always there. Charlie now lies buried in one of her favourite places in our garden. It was an easy choice to make but a very heart wrenching time for us to bury her.


  2. I’m so sad to see this about Charlie and from reading your blog I know how much you loved her. You shared some wonderful times together and those memories will hopefully help.


  3. The pain of losing a favored pet is so intense. She will remain in your memory bank long. Mine left me via being run over by vehicle about 15 years ago. Still remember his dear personality and wit. How can a dog be witty? I don’t know but that didn’t keep me from enjoying it.


    1. Thanks for sharing your kindest feelings Oneta. The individuality of each dog is what keeps them in your memory as fresh as the time of each shared experience. Yes they are witty, it can make for an extra special dog, after 15 years this is still so close for you.


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