Extras arrive


autumn comes

take your flash partner 

to branch dance



Only a couple of months ago, (Spring!!)  a pair of Rainbow Lorikeets were nesting in a hollow at this tree site. Last Friday we were amazed at the number of Lorikeets and their frenzied activity at the same site. What were they up to? Then Ronavon posted his challenge and the answer was obvious, they were flash dancers  dancing. There are 10 of them so  what can we lead up to?


10 flash Lorikeets branch dancing


This is my contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 86 Flash & Dance  a challenging outlet for creative, budding and extroverted haiku writers and also a locational site to share the achievements of creative authors. I recommend a visit at.. https://ronovanwrites.wordpress.com/2016/02/29/ronovanwrites-weekly-haiku-poetry-prompt-challenge-86-flashdance/

40 thoughts on “Extras arrive

      1. I have a flock of the most beautiful coloured budgerigars around my house at the moment. I have never seen them down here before and wonder if they have come from further north because of the intense heat and dry up there.


        1. I am up in the Grampians at the moment and the heat and humidity here is at record levels for March. The budgies have probably kept moving down through here to the coast from further North as weather conditions are worse. Kangaroo numbers are at the lowest I have seen up here at this time.

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          1. Fascinating. Thanks for sharing your insights with me. I hope you are getting the wonderful rain we are getting. 🙂


  1. I do find the extra challenge taxing but you have achieved it well. Finches ‘branch dance’ past in our hedgerow daily. Fab haiku!💚💛💙💜❤️


  2. Loved the close-up photo of the five lorikeets. Their rainbow coloring is so striking next to their nesting home. Such a beautiful capture of your extra feathered friends. The haiku makes me feel like dancing. Ha ha!


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