past walks


gazing down

from lakeview lookout


This scene shows Lake Bellfield at the Northern end of Gariwerd. If you look carefully you will see a small settlement and caravan park on the creek below the wall of the dam.  Three years ago we stayed in a house there and each morning I would walk with Charlie up to the dam and along the top of the wall. This is where Charlie saw her first deer and I was amazed her genetic imprint immediately knew what they were and what she was supposed to do with them. IT took all my strength to restrain her.

IMGP1848 (1)

autumn haze 

softens the landscape

lookout views

Swinging around this scene looks down towards Halls Gap, where only a year ago Charlie enjoyed many short walks around the town and became slightly used to seeing Kangaroos up close. Legend has it 2 old blokes walk up from the town to this lookout and back down again every day. I did not see them but quite a few other walkers were struggling on fairly even surfaces.

8 thoughts on “past walks

    1. They are impressive. However the traveller approaches they rise up from a plain and get bigger and bigger. Any view from up top usually sweeps out onto a plain. In winter or sudden cold snaps snow falls on the highest peak.

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  1. I can see the picture with Charlie, dear Denis, these are beautiful memories, and never be forgotten. Beautiful places dear Denis, I loved the photographs, and your haiku too. Thank you, Love, nia


  2. Beautiful place and sweet memories with Charlie. I can imagine how much you miss her, since I too lost my little companion a little over a year ago. I miss him too. These memories are precious. ❤ xx


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