IMGP1698 (1)

just resting

favourite summer walk

long hollow

This was the last photo we took of Charlie before she passed away one month ago. She is resting on a walk at Long Hollow a natural reserve in our local area.

The reserve leads onto a school oval where many people take their dogs for an off leash run. Charlie had many  a run around here and chased balls well into her tenth year of age. The image below was taken  a few weeks earlier when she was still able to wander around long hollow without needing to take a break.


Peter Gabriel shares how we feel about Charlie right now. Please take a look at this U Tube clip

40 thoughts on “remembering

    1. Afghans need a lot of love, they need a lot of exercise, they MUST live inside with the family, they need regular brushing and they need respect to be themselves. This is a big commitment Claudine.

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    1. Thanks Sue. As you know with Ani, its the personality that shines out of the dog that makes the memorable companion. Charlie travelled everywhere with us and shared many experiences.


  1. She was so adorable dog, dear Denis, and also she was lucky to have you as human family. Peter Gabriel, one of my favurite musician, and I love his music. Thank you, Love, nia


    1. Thanks Janice. She was magnificent. Because she was promised to us from birth she was always going to be a free living independent dog. However it was acknowledged she would have been a champion show dog.

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    1. We tried to keep her groomed although Charlie did not think it was very necessary. Afghan Hounds don’t smell like other dogs, they have a slight sweet perfume but never that doggy smell and they never slobber. She was a bit under a metre tall but well over 2 metres when stretched up on a fence or gate as the legs were so long. Keep a look out Pat as they are numerous in the States especially down the east coast and over in California. I have even heard of them living in apartments in Manhattan.

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  2. She looks so gentle yet elegant. Loss of a beloved pet who was part of the family stings deeply, but hopefully all your treasured moments and beautiful photos will support you through your grief. We are lucky dogs add so much to our daily lives even as sweet memories.


  3. Sorry to hear about Charlie’s passing. Always enjoyed your posts that showed your intense love for her. Wonderful photos in her tribute. Wishing you healing in the knowledge that love always binds one forever, even with out furry companions, Denis.


  4. Denis, I’m so sorry for your loss. What a beauty your Charlie was. I’ve long been a sighthound fan, and had the pleasure of meeting a sweet Afghan. Love given her a lovely tribute.


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