from unhealthy practice

we call work

This was the distracting view at my last 9.00 to 5.00 workplace within the campus of The University of Melbourne. I could arise from my computer/phone dominated desk, turn around, take 2 steps , open the door to an outside balcony, take 2 more steps, close the door and gaze across the university campus at the distant hills to Melbourne’s north.  Unfortunately for most people, work means doing things one does not necessarily want to do. Lucky are those who enjoy devoting some of their living time to the concept of  work.

An additional distraction to this distraction was time phase photographing the demolition of the Architecture  Building seen here in the middle of the mid-ground.

This is my contribution to the 52 week  photo challenge that can be viewed at

birds before jewels

IMGP1702 (1)IMGP1701IMGP1700

for colour

diamonds and pearls lose

to rainbows

Give me a few minutes of watching Rainbow Lorikeets messing about like this pair a few nights ago than worrying about the insurance value of a diamond ring or string of pearls.

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reflections 2.





smudges on water


This is my contribution  to the engaging co – hosted 52 week photo challenge week 16 REFLECTIONS, viewed at Wild  Daffodil

The reflections from top to bottom are

Half Moon Bay Black Rock

A Dusky Moorhen at Castlemaine Botanic gardens

An adventurous White Ibis at Grampians Getaway

At the Venus Pool in the Grampians, (Gariwerd) National park

You can see more Gariwerd reflections at



sun and moon


setting sun

circular cycles

rising moon

The sun setting over Port Fairy last week and a recent Lunar Eclipse we were lucky to witness here in Melbourne on a cloudless night. All life is held in the rays and beams of these two balls.

This is my contribution to Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 93 Sun & Moon. a haiku writing inspirational blog  found  by clicking on

paths to adventure


risk a life

path of adventure

boys challenge


take your time

life is everywhere

bush path


Two paths we have recently strolled. The first is at Black Rock where a steep path leads down to the bay and branches left and right. Straight ahead is usually very wet but what a challenge for boys on bikes especially when taunted by an official sign. On a similar path  further along the coast Jill and I were chased by a Tiger snake hurling itself off the wall straight at us as we walked up.

The second is at Gariwerd / Grampians National Park. This bush track is leading out to the lake View Lookout. This young Kangaroo was enjoying a snack.

These two haiku are my offerings for RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 92 Life&Path where all types of haiku responses can be read click here  and also to the engaging co – hosted 52 week photo challenge week 15 PATH, viewed at Wild daffodil

secret of clouds


frayed cloud

veiled by sunset

autumn secret



April fourth and the sun and clouds conspired to paint a beautiful soft sunset scene, saying goodbye to the heat of summer and welcoming the mellowness of autumn.

These images were taken in quick succession from the cliffs at Black Rock overlooking Port Phillip Bay. Fish were obviously biting and these keen amateurs  in their little boats were making the most of an early evening. Daylight Saving had ended two nights before.

This haiku and image connects with RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 91 Fray&Veiled so for stunning poetry click here

late home


late snapshot

a cooler evening

the day ends

A lone seagull flies south for the evening, late to roost and probably this will be on the outside of the flock. A recent sunset at Ricketts Point calls in early Autumn although we have had some odd summer type days since then..