late home


late snapshot

a cooler evening

the day ends

A lone seagull flies south for the evening, late to roost and probably this will be on the outside of the flock. A recent sunset at Ricketts Point calls in early Autumn although we have had some odd summer type days since then..

12 thoughts on “late home

  1. A special shot with the round sun, narrow strip of clouds and lone bird. Your haiku tells me you’re still having hot days…season changes are either getting slower or seem slow because we watch so closely ( or both?)

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    1. You are right Janice. This was a mid 30,s day just a few days ago. Currently we are already seeing highest average monthly temps ever , this is now happening each year. Also we are experiencing severe drought on many parts of Southern and eastern Australia. Yet some fools of politicians on the conservative side, (in government Federally) pretend global warming is a commie/greenie plot to nobble growth and profits. Somehow they don’t realise the reality of climate change does not make allowances for how wealthy or powerful one is, we are all together.

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    1. Thanks . I love taking shots of sunsets and am lucky to live on a bay, so I just turn up near sunset and keep clicking away. Thanks to DSLR photography some good pictures turn up. I have great cameras as well they are DSLR Pentax models, the K2S is particularly excellent technically.

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