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free feed in autumn

young seagull

We came out of the Ai Wei Wei / Andy Warhol exhibition at the National Gallery of Victoria to be confronted by this seagull exhibit. I only had my I Phone but it was a moment that had to be captured on camera.

22 thoughts on “exhibition

      1. Just as well you didn’t feed it – people hereabouts at the seaside get food like sandwiches and fish and chips, stolen from their hands as gulls swoop down at them and they can be quite aggressive. Your pal looks chilled by comparison.


    1. About a metre Joyce. It was very tame mainly because it was right outside the entrance/exit to the biggest exhibition our gallery has ever put on. I think it had worked out lots of people near an art gallery have food and are not threatening.

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  1. A demanding fellow isn’t he..as suggested by your haiku 🙂 a slightly different variety of seagull than I see around here. It was lucky to catch a photo of him with his beak open!


    1. Thanks Janice . This was outside the State Art gallery with hundreds of people moving in and out and sitting around. This bird was propped there waiting for handouts and very tame.

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