nature’s way


I watched this Great Egret hunting for frogs at Karkarook Park in a neighbouring suburb last Sunday. It walked around the fringe of this reclaimed quarry (now a nature reserve/park) carefully and patiently seeking out a frog. I kept snapping away as it came closer. Suddenly in one second between me snapping images the bird darted its head under water , came up with a frog and swallowed it.  At my local bird group monthly meeting the following Wednesday I heard copperhead snakes were seen on the pathways in this park the day I had been scrambling around in the reeds by the water. Copperhead snakes love to quietly lie in the reeds beside the water waiting for frogs. Last weekend was not a good one for the local frogs.

focussed eyes

sudden movement

frog for lunch

目を据えて す早く動き カエル食う

10 thoughts on “nature’s way

    1. Only if they decide to chase you Carol. Usually they are timid or ignore people. I Have been chased by Tiger snakes 3 times, they are the most aggressive ones in this part of Australia. Thankfully Taipans and Death Adders are in North Australia


  1. Such beautiful contrast of colours. Admittedly, I don’t have the stomach to witness any animal getting breakfast / lunch. Far zoom or you were quite close? Lovely shot, Denis 😀


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