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taking care

snakes so fragile

watch your step

Our local council has been putting up these signs at points along our coastal walking paths. Across summer Tiger Snakes have been spotted at a number of locations. This natural element certainly adds to the excitement of a stroll along the bushy pathways that wend their way for kilometres along our local coastline. We do get many international tourists who come to the bay for the sights and may think snakes such as this cute little Tiger snake are another tourist attraction to look for.

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24 thoughts on “snake care

    1. Our local government put them up for tourists, this is a recent initiative, there have always been snakes but only signs this year. my wife and i were chased by a Tiger snake on this part of coast path 30 years ago.


    1. You only run when they chase. I have been hiking in wilderness on my own with a 20 kilo pack when a Tiger snake came at me across bushes at waist height, that was a challenge.

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        1. Never bitten, I stood on a copperhead when I was young, but the snake went faster than me. I have been chased 3 times, the closest was with my wife not far from home on the coast path.

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  1. I must say I am impressed by your snake stories– at a safe distance on this side of the world (I ‘m a bit squeamish when it comes to snakes)


    1. Snakes are part of life here in Australia Janice. Very few people however die from snakebite here even though we have most of the world’s top 10 dangerous snakes. Crocodiles and sharks take a lot more people.

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      1. Well that’s good to know– that if you get a snake bite it usually wouldn’t be fatal. Perhaps if I grew up with more snakes around I wouldn’t be so jumpy (I have small garter snakes around here)


      1. I think I’d more likely screech and run! Especially if they looked anything like your Aussie snakes! Though my Malaysian grandmother was a toughie she hit a cobra with a broom… and lived to tell the tale.


              1. I have plans to write a story based loosely on my dad’s life so it could feature in this… if and when I get round to it! Thanks for the thought. Need to gather some of my mum’s stories too!


              2. Families have a wealth of material good and bad for writing so good luck. I am in the early stages of a fictional work based on my uncle’s early life until he was killed in WW2 and then how this affected his family through to now.

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    1. They often live under houses or in the roof in rural areas. Mainly mice encourage their presence. I have heard some great stories about snakes coming out of air conditioners and air vents.

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