winter arrives


evening smog

beckons setting sun

cold night comes


Winter sunsets in all their glory are starting to make nightly appearances over Port Phillip Bay. We are lucky in our part of Melbourne to have a choice of cliffs at Sandringham, Half Moon Bay and Black Rock or the open expanse at Ricketts Point and depending where you watch the spectacle from there will be a new aspect to photograph. These shots follow in sequence over a period of fifteen minutes beginning at 5.05 pm from the Black Rock cliff. The temp was down to about 8 oC by then and dropped to 4 by the bay overnight. This haiku emerged from the sequence for met. I hope you enjoy the combination  and if a regular visitor trust you are not tiring of Port Phillip sunsets.

17 thoughts on “winter arrives

        1. Combination of human created car fumes, industrial fumes, home wood fires and Melbourne sitting in a huge natural basin surrounded by hills and the bay so the smog sits in the basin and bay until wind arrives. We have had a number of windless days. At night it is especially smelly so we barricade inside the house. If Australia had already pulled out all stops to reduce CO2 emissions the wood fires and car fumes would be a lot less. Industry has improved although manufacturing industries are closing down in Australia at a rapid rate or off shoring to Asia.

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    1. Thanks Annette, I’ll keep clicking away evening after evening, but not tonight as there is a huge cloud mass travelling the East coast of Australia dumping rain.


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