Headgear 1.




afghan hound headgear

at feed time

When Charlie was young her groomer Sue gave us this SNOOD to protect the ears from food and being chewed. Sue was  very direct about how Charlie should be fed, on what and when and also was not impressed with her ears. Sue’s own Afghan Harley always looked starved, with very prominent hips and spine as she fed him a strict vegetarian diet. However Harley lived to over 13 years of age. Charlie to her credit didn’t mind the snood and wore it until it began to fall apart. She would disappear outside after dinner and race around the yard in the snood and scared quite a few people at the front gate in this headgear.


headgear 2.



 garden space

resting picnickers

enjoy peace

I took a few candid shots when a group of women and children arrived near our lunching party at the Cranbourne Native Botanic Gardens. We were guessing they were recent immigrants to Australia and possibly refugees from Middle East conflict.  Their enjoyment was profound, shoes were discarded, ground coverings unrolled  and food spread out. The added peace was probably the absence of any men or boys in their entourage.

This is my contribution to week 23 photo challenge, HEADGEAR , check out this challenge at https://daffodilwild.wordpress.com/photo-challenge/  and check the contributions on the latest page of Sandra’s blog at this link, usually on Mondays.

14 thoughts on “Headgear

  1. That hound hat looks very funny but I can see how practical it must be – the photo would have fitted into the ‘check’ challenge too – I see why you suggested a snood to Cathy now. Thanks for your entry Denis, lovely to see more Charlie photos, she does not look in the least self-conscious, wearing her snood with aplomb!


  2. I really enjoyed your playful writing about Charlie and the way you contrasted it with the layers of meaning in your second piece.


  3. Hi Denis! You did great with the challenge and it’s great that you added a couple of haiku as well which made the post even more entertaining. I’d never heard of a snood before, i guess because I never had a long ear dog. Great pictures!


    1. Thanks Vashti for your encouragement and support. Snoods , yes an accessory for the Afghan Hound who needs that little dress up extra in their life and clean ears. As you have probably noticed every post I do has a haiku, an image and a bit of text, sometimes quite a bit. I am trying to follow the Haibun concept practised by Basho and other Japanese Haibun sharers. Thats why I limit the nature or connection of my posting. I accept Sandra’s photo challenge because she and Cathy and Melissa want to try and link an image from a weekly title with Ron’s haiku challenge. Sometimes I cannot match the 2 challenges with my images and or haiku so I do separate posts. And as well I try to get in my own image/haiku/story post as often as possible.

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  4. Denis, I think dogs in general don’t like any clothing? The head gear to prevent mess is brilliant of course. I saw some one walking their dogs in the rain yesterday… the dogs were wearing rain boots. I guess they would have hated that lol


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