watch out


a warning

from top of lighthouse 

shines at night

The Port fairy lighthouse, one of the oldest in Australia still shines  every night.

Coastal shipping entering Bass Strait from the West is thankful for this guiding light especially on wild winter nights. Bass Strait is one of the wildest and roughest straits in the world with hundreds of shipwrecks mainly from the C19th littering the shallows of its  shores and islands.

This lighthouse sits at the mouth of the Moyne River on Griffith Island, an artificially created island that is now a protected nature reserve. Tens of thousands of Mutton Birds, (Sooty Shearwaters) migrate from Siberia to breed here every Spring. In early Autumn the adults depart back to Siberia then a few days later the young ones begin to follow. This is one of the longest bird migrations in the world. many birds die on the flights , and the numbers are now decreasing at an alarming rate along with other migratory Australian birds, some species even now face extinction. WHY? because the resting , feeding sites along the migration routes through SE and Northern Asia are being destroyed by human development or the birds get killed by people. One more example of the natural destruction caused by over population of humans and economic greed, ( an evil and dangerous combination)

This is my contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 100 Top&Light.  Visit this link and discover a multitude of amazing haiku




12 thoughts on “watch out

    1. All wildlife in danger is because of pressure from humans, but when governments deliberately allow habitat destruction or species exploitation usually because of corruption it is unforgivable.

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  1. Someone once told me that viruses are stupid. They’re stupid because they kill their hosts which in turn causes their demise. Sadly, humans have a lot in common with viruses. The planet is our host and like viruses we’re killing the planet and in the end this will do us in. How dumb is that? And all for what? Greed. Great post Denis. I like your haiku and the picture is cool too.


    1. Very supportive commentary Vashti, I have read you sharing similar thoughts through your blog. In both our countries we are facing huge challenges with politicians and organisations, (super human viruses) that only have profit and greed in their plans. Thanks so much.


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