winter heat


setting sun

dreaming of its heat

in winter



This was a sunset over Port Phillip Bay just a few days ago in mid June and winter has arrived. Back in Summer such colour would be accompanied by  warmth at this time of the day. But there is no heat at all in Winter. Does anyone know where it goes to?

This is my contribution to the 52 week photo challenge, this week HEAT.  You can discover more about the challenge and participate at this link


24 thoughts on “winter heat

  1. The heat certainly hasn’t come this way yet – it’s been a bit cool, wet and windy here of late a pretty typical English Summer! Those sunset certainly look warm though. You capture some amazing sunsets Denis. Thank you for your entry into the challenge.


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  3. Stunning! It looks so warm, but I understand what you mean about the cool nights of winter. Curious, how cool are your sun filled days this time of year? I fear our summer might have been three weeks in May as so far June has been cool and off and on wet. Not horrible, just not summer.


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