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Unless your reading of Japanese is excellent I shall explain this story. Back in 2002 my little sister in Nara Japan emailed me this article with an English translation. It seems that on a summers day in August a person was walking their Afghan Hound near Osaka station in central Osaka during early morning peak hour, (I would never do that having been there and experienced the noise and activity). 

Anyway, the hound broke loose from the walker and took off into the crowd and apparently entered the main entrance of Osaka Station. Accounts of what happened next are varied and bizarre, however the dog found its way down into one of the many subways running beneath the central station, leapt off a platform and took off up the tunnel. Fortunately for the dog a very efficient emergency lock down system was immediately activated. ( I will not explain why the Japanese have such systems but if interested you can find out)

At some point during the next half hour the dogs exploration of the subway system ended when it emerged up onto a platform at another station and merged with a very packed waiting group of stranded passengers.

Police arrested the dog and escorted it to a police station. Meanwhile the entire railway network of central Osaka was halted and took some time to restart.

The cost of this activity was several million Yen as chaos reigned across the city for hours, and apparently the instigator of interruptions to the subway system are charged for the cost. The dog’s beloved could not be traced and for obvious financial reasons the owner never turned up to be re-united with the poor pooch.

Having an Afghan Kara living with us at the timeI felt for the dog knowing what lovely and adventurous dogs they are and what a nightmare unfolds when they escape into suburbia, believe me its scary. Also the experience would have traumatised the lovely hound. Anyway our Afghan Kara was a special guest on the website of an Afghan Hound living in Osaka. We contacted them to find out the destiny of this dog and were kept informed across the following days.

Apparently the dog became famous across the country with Afghan Hound lovers leading the call to save it and  eventually the disruption costs were withdrawn by the police. Offers to house it came from across Japan and abroad and eventually the dog was resettled. My little sister suggested hopefully it may have been the original owner, I hoped so too.

This is my co-contribution to  RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 103 Summer & Fun a creative forum for haiku artist across the world to home in and accept Ron’s challenge each week. Have a look at the poetry  here

And also my contribution to the 52 week image challenge this week PLAY, and would that dog be playing? maybe. See other playful images here at Wild Daffodil’s blog 

35 thoughts on “dog at play

    1. Thanks. This is the short story, there is a great children’s book here. Well spotted from the grainy image , she was a female, they are faster than males, I know from experience.

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    1. Thanks Al. Who cares about costs to economies, a safe dog is worth more than a few tens of thousands of disrupted workers. The school kids wouldn’t mind and the snack vending machines on the platforms would be emptied. Anyway a countries economy is all a giant scam!!!

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      1. I am cynical whenever those “cost to the economy” figures are bandied about. If businesses are so reliant on people being in the office at 9 rather than 930 to earn their money, they probably need to build in some resilience!


        1. Many people could work from home in big cities and more for themselves if network barriers were crushed. Our conservatives are announcing they will save money on welfare extravagance whilst promising tax cuts to big business, they still pull out failed Thatcher theories. Scary thing is half the population are brain dead enough to usually vote for them.

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  1. It terrified me when Ani took herself for a walk through the fields… an urban area would have probably killed us both. She, however, was unrepentent and tried several times to do it again…

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    1. As long as she walks Sue.
      Charlie was the only Afghan I did not have to chase across busy roads. The worst was chasing 2 across a main 4 lane arterial road and watching one back peddling on her hind legs in front of a braking motorcycle. Needless to say the dogs always came out safe, my stress levels were another issue.
      We learnt keep them secure collars until they 6th birthday.


  2. Ah what an uplifting post for these troubled times with a happy ending for a beautiful and adventurous hound. Has made me smile this dull morning – thanks.


    1. Thanks Janice.I really connected with this Afghan and knew it would be both loving it and very scared, having had to chase a few escapees in the past. Charlie was the only one who never did a suburban dash for freedom.

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    1. I like this Sandra, scamper it did, but I’m not sure how many days before the pup was safe, apparently it was facing a tricky fate for a couple of days.


    1. Thanks Vashti. That is a smile and was taken after the capture . It seems the dog was a girl, they are very adventurous, probably more so than the males.


    1. Great haiku inquiry. Knowing the breed the dog was definitely NOT dumb so yes the walker was. Cannot but guess that most likely the Walker being Japanese was not the other two but possibly the hound was.

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  3. What a dramatic turn of event. I think it was very kind of the operator to decide to stop the system for a dog though. I am sad for the dog that became an orphan though.


    1. They lock the system as soon as anything crosses a platform its automatic, I guess you have heard about the high suicide rate in Japan Joyce and sadly jumping in front of trains is common. Happily the dog was adopted as soon as the police rescinded the fine for an owner who never appeared.

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  4. That would be awesome if indeed the hound was re-settled with the original owner. At times, the universe does come together like that. A lovely share Denis:) And haiku too.


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