surfeit of seagulls

sleek seagulls

sizzle at sunset

on water


sleek seagulls


sizzle at sunset


on water

A recent sunset at Ricketts Point. Plenty of water, yes the sun was setting, however there may have only been a slight sizzling at this time of the year. Generally the gulls behave as if they are in hot water so it didn’t take much imagination for this haiku.

This is my contribution to RonovanWrites Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 108 Sizzle&Sleek where haiku artists from around the world we’ve their poetic magic around 2 words. See the lot at

It is also my contribution to the 52 week PHOTO CHALLENGE, with WATER this weeks word challenging a talented group of photographers from across the globe. Visit this challenge at and find this weeks sharing on Wild Daffodil’s Home page.

31 thoughts on “surfeit of seagulls

  1. Loved how you caught the seagull right in the sun’s reflected rays in the second photo. Wonderful shot! The haiku is perfect, Denis. ❤


  2. The golden reflection is gorgeous~~ I don’t like seagull much though. They smell? 😛 Denis, despite following your blog, I still haven’t figured out what haiku is. You refer to this a lot. What is a haiku?


    1. Thanks Joyce, our seagulls don’t smell they just make a lot of noise. Haiku is a special form of Japanese poetry. Just do a Wiki search and then search Basho, the most famous of historic Japanese haiku poets. I am sure you have walked in Basho’s footsteps somewhere. I did at Yamadera near Yamagata.

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