sky fire


sky in flames

playing with clouds

before night


There was a very unusual sunset earlier this week from the Sandringham cliffs. The usual  yellow to red  was suddenly diffused by the movement of a large cloud mass in the immediate foreground. I am not sure how that turned the distant colour around however this pink/red glow evolved . Maybe the rays hit the cloud in front of us reflecting back towards the distant clouds in turn changing what we were seeing. Jill commented that it was more like looking at a bushfire in the distance  and I agree. This is the first time we have witnessed such a display. As I have said in other posts we never know what the sun, clouds and water will turn on for us on any evening.


30 thoughts on “sky fire

  1. This is amazing.. and yes extraordinary. Actually in these days we can see what we haven’t seen before in the sky, during sunrise or sunset time… You captured so beautifully by your camera and also by your words. Thank you, have a nice day dear Denis, Love, nia

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